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Outdoor living is getting a lot of attention lately. That should be no surprise because a lot of people want to enjoy the cool breeze, warm sunshine, and everything that nature can offer.

Patios, although originating in Spain, are now a popular choice in Georgia. The simplicity, practicality, and all the fun things that can be enjoyed in this flat, cozy, and open space are priceless.

Great Patio Amenities

Patios, Atlanta GA But having a patio is not as simple as moving a coffee table set outdoors. Without patio amenities, that space is nothing but a backyard.

Of course, there must be furniture pieces. Coffee tables and chairs are among the common choices, but it's also a good idea to use a couch, a dining set, or a living room set.

It would be also great to add plantings in this outdoor living area. Potted flowers are better centerpieces while small potted trees will dramatically improve the corners. Meanwhile, hanging plants will fill the empty space in horizontal patios.

But all these — furniture pieces and plantings — will only look sophisticated and patio-ish on a paved surface. Only after floor paving that the backyard is turned into a complete and authentic patio.

Paving the Patio Floor

A patio can only become elegant if the floor is paved with the best materials available. Here, we highly recommend interlocking concrete pavers. They're cheaper than other options and provide the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Interlocking pavers are manufactured to resist pressure from the heaviest vehicles. That's why they don't easily crack, shrink, or chip. However, if a few pieces get cracked, repairing will be as easy as replacing the damaged ones. That means no need to remove everything and do the paving all over again.

Best of all, pavers come in a variety of colors—from cream to black, and red to green. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. Such wide choices easily make any floor design possible.

Besides the floor, paving stones are also used for retaining walls. Having such walls is essential to separate the patio area from other outdoor areas. Pavers also make stunning plant boxes, fireplace, fire pit, and water features (pond, birdbath, and fountain).

Completing the Patio

Why settle for ordinary patios?

With Unique Paver Installations, we take care of everything. We'll install a removable canopy or a full-fledged roof for it. We'll also add a drainage system so that the patio won't be an instant pond during rainy days.

And we won't forget the lighting, which not only lengthens the patio's useful hours but also provide dramatic effects at night.

The Best Patio Builder in Georgia

Building a perfect patio takes more than just imagination. With us, you are assured that the outdoor living area will be built with artistry and practicality. Its design will truly speak about your personality.

But, don't think that using interlocking pavers alone is enough. Pavers must be laid down by an experienced and certified teams like us to guarantee a striking and durable patio. The good thing is that every member of our team is dedicated to providing superior craftsmanship.

Our team has designed and built commercial and residential patios in Athens, Atlanta, Braselton, Buckhead, Buford and other cities of Georgia since the 90s. Former clients can attest to the quality of our work.

For more information, please contact us today or visit our office soon.
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